Stationary Transfer stations in focus

Meppen. The L&M transfer stations of series STV are used in places where large quantities of residual material and recyclable raw material must be loaded and highly compacted prior to transport. This allows optimum utilization of the permissible load capacity of transport vehicles and with this, cost-effective transport. The L&M transfer stations are suitable for compacting of residual waste, industrial waste, organic waste, film, paper and cardboard.

The demand for efficient and cost-effective transport solutions for residual materials and recyclable raw materials is constantly growing. For this reason, Ludden & Mennekes Entsorgungs-Systeme GmbH (L&M) developed the stationary transfer stations. This innovative plant set new standards in terms of compaction and loading. The plants are designed in such a way that, despite high compaction in the plant, it is ensured that the material can be fed into the disposal process, e.g. for incineration, without clumping. This saves time and effort in further processing, as the material is not additionally wrapped or tied. Depending on the material structure, a degree of compaction of 1:4 is achieved in the press channel. This process offers the industry the opportunity to process and transport more material in terms of volume, thereby improving and accelerating recycling processes. Depending on the type of material and the feed options, the trailer can be filled in 45 minutes. Furthermore, this plant enables customers to achieve a higher throughput of the material to be processed, which ultimately leads to increased capacity in the waste disposal companies.

In addition to different sizes, L&M offers a comprehensive range of accessories for the stationary transfer stations, with which your plant can be optimally adapted to a wide range of requirements.
Customer-specific settings such as the type of feed, different weights or materials can be entered using a touch display. There are several programs in place to store these settings.

To diagnose and eliminate any errors, there is also the option of having remote maintenance carried out by trained L&M personnel. This means repairs and site-specific set-up works can be carried out flexibly.

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