Mobile Compactors

Our mobile compactors, also called "self-compacting containers" (SPB) are suitable for compacting of residues and recyclable raw materials.
In addition to residual waste and industrial waste, also bulk waste, green waste and contaminated material (hospital waste) as well as films and paper and cardboard packaging are also compacted.
  • SPB LM 12 GR

  • SPB LM 10 APK-G

  • SPB LM 10 GR

  • SPB LM 12 AS-G

  • SPB LM 20 GL (bulky waste)

  • SPB LM 20 GL

  • SPB LM 22 L + built-on HKV

  • SPB LM SP 02 AK

  • SPB LM 26 S

Using our plants and depending on the processed material, will enable you, to increase the filling weight to more than 200% and to save more than a halve of the transport costs.

Their precise manufacture, the use of high-quality materials and robust technology ensure safe functioning and long lifetime in the heavy everyday use.

Our serial product range includes self-compacting containers with:
  • Horizontal or pendulum ram, or screw conveyor compacting systems,
  • Container capacity of 2-26 cbm,
  • Pick-up systems for bucket-vehicles and roll-on/roll-off-vehicles.
In addition to our comprehensive program of equipment and accessories, also individual customer requirements can be met, so that, in each case, you will obtain the perfect solution for your purpose of application.

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* Compared with material that has not been compacted